Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tutor Strength: Pearl S. Buck International's Philippines Office Partners with Higher Education to Educate Sponsored Children

Pearl S. Buck Foundation’s sponsored children on site at the Angeles University
Foundation (AUF) in Pampanga to participate in the Tutorial Program.

Pearl S Buck International's affiliate office, The Pearl S. Buck Foundation Philippines is a true testament to what it means to carry out the Pearl S. Buck legacy.  Upholding Ms. Buck’s commitment to enabling children to receive an education, the Foundation has partnered with higher education institutions, the Angeles University Foundation (Pampanga), the Gordon College (Zambales), and the Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel (Bulacan) to match college students with sponsored children for a personalized tutorial program.

Foundation Executive Director, Margarita Lavides gives a detailed account of the successful program:  Each sponsored child is given his or her own tutor (a college student) who prepares a specific lesson plan according to the child’s needs. The lesson plan is based on the results of pre-test, designed by the higher education teachers to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the sponsored children. After all the sessions, the children take a post-test. The outcomes of the pre-tests and post-tests are used to evaluate the program. The program culminates in a Recognition Day ceremony which highlights the hard work of the children and tutors. All children and tutors will receive certificates of participation while outstanding performers will be awarded with medals.
Aside from enhancing the sponsored children’s English proficiency, the Tutorial Program has other benefits. The tutors assist the participating sponsored children prepare letters and cards for their Sponsors. The children were also given Red Cross Accident Insurance which is valid for one year as well as their own Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus which they can use until they reach college level. Furthermore, healthy snacks are served during tutorial sessions to help address the problem of malnutrition among the children.

Integrated in the Tutorial Program is the life and works of Pearl S. Buck. A special session has been assigned wherein tutors discuss her biography and award-winning novel “The Good Earth” with the sponsored children. The tutors are required to submit their own book reviews of the novel. Afterwards, there is a Quiz Bee to test the children’s and tutors’ knowledge concerning Pearl S. Buck and “The Good Earth.”

Through the Tutorial Program, there has been an increase in the communities’ awareness regarding the mission and contributions of the Pearl S. Buck Foundation. This certainly promotes greater understanding and ensures future sustainability for the programs and projects of the Foundation as well as helps it secure more worthwhile partnerships in the near future.

Caysilyn, one of Pearl S. Buck Foundation’s sponsored children in Pampanga,
receives her Red Cross Accident Insurance Card.


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